Made in Italy bathroom accessories: that extra touch of design

Bathroom accessories are that extra touch that cannot be missed. Attention to detail is what makes the difference and, in this case, choosing dispensers, roll holders, soap dishes, soap dishes, containers is essential to make your bathroom unique and immediately recognisable. All the products we have selected are made of the highest quality materials and are perfect for creating a tidy and welcoming environment, suitable for every need. Choosing the right bathroom accessories has never been easier, thanks to the wide selection of products you can find on Gibeli, all selected from the best Made in Italy design brands. Give a touch of style and functionality and transform your bathroom into a practical and trendy space!

Which bathroom accessories to choose for your home

There are certain accessories that should never be missing from the perfect bathroom. Choosing them carefully is important, because they are a plus that can give even more personality to the room deputed to well-being par excellence. But what in particular should never be missing from your bathroom? Certainly a soap dish and a toilet roll holder. They are two fundamental elements and should not only be useful, but also beautiful to look at. Design and functionality: these are the features to consider. Towel rails are also essential. They allow you to keep your towels within easy reach at all times, but they are also perfect as a piece of furniture. Choose the model of towel rack you prefer and match it with the rest of your furniture. Also indispensable are soap dishes, which can also be wall-mounted dispensers. We have selected the most exclusive models from the best Italian bathroom accessory brands so you can choose the one you prefer. Also indispensable are the containers you need to keep your bathroom tidy and collect your essentials, without leaving anything lying around. 

The best brands of Made in Italy accessories for your bathroom

We have chosen all the exclusivity of Made in Italy accessories for you and your home. On Gibelishop you will find only the best Italian brands such as Gessi, Antonio Lupi, Boffi so you can choose what you want without neglecting quality. All the bathroom accessories we have included in our catalogue are made in different colours, sizes, finishes and you can buy them with a few clicks directly on our website, receiving them directly at home with fast delivery.

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  1. Antonio Lupi CARTATENSO Porta Rotolo e Idroscopino
  2. Antonio Lupi TENSO Idroscopino
  3. Gessi Mimi Accessories 33321 Appendi Abiti
  4. Gessi Mimi Accessories 33309 Porta Asciugamani
  5. Gessi Mimi Accessories 33297 Porta Asciugamani
  6. Gessi Mimi Accessories 33341 Porta Asciugamani
  7. Gessi Mimi Accessories 33334 Porta Scopino e Porta Carta Igienica
  8. Gessi Mimi Accessories 33255 Porta Carta Igienica
  9. Gessi Mimi Accessories 33244 Porta Scopino
  10. Gessi Mimi Accessories 33238 Dispenser
  11. Gessi Mimi Accessories 33226 Porta Sapone
  12. Gessi Mimi Accessories 33220 Porta Scopino
  13. Gessi Mimi Accessories 33214 Dispenser
  14. Gessi Mimi Accessories 33202 Porta Sapone
  15. Gessi Eleganza Total Look 46283 Idro Scopino
  16. Gessi Cono Total Look 45121 Idro Scopino
  17. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38121 Appendi Abiti
  18. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38109 Porta Asciugamani
    Gessi Goccia Gessi 38109
    As low as €185.00
  19. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38103 Porta Asciugamani
    Gessi Goccia Gessi 38103
    As low as €275.00
  20. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38100 Porta Aciugamani
    Gessi Goccia Gessi 38100
    As low as €248.00
  21. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38097 Porta Asciugamani
    Gessi Goccia Gessi 38097
    As low as €184.00
  22. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38144 Porta Asciugamani
    Gessi Goccia Gessi 38144
    As low as €657.00
  23. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38067 Porta Carta Igienica e Porta Scopino
  24. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38055 Porta Carta Igienica
  25. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38049 Porta Carta Igienica
  26. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38043 Porta Scopino
  27. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38037 Dispenser
  28. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38025 Porta Sapone
    Gessi Goccia Gessi 38025
    As low as €89.00
  29. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38019 Porta Scopino
  30. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38013 Dispenser
  31. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38002 Porta Sapone
  32. Gessi Goccia Accessories 38001 Porta Sapone
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