Freestanding Sinks

We have included in our freestanding bathroom sinks a wide range of products that combine functionality, style and high-quality design to create an extraordinary bathroom experience. These unique sinks are designed to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your bathroom. They are made of the highest quality materials, which guarantees timeless beauty. Imagine walking into a bathroom and seeing a freestanding sink as the room's main protagonist: a choice that leaves everyone speechless. 

Why choose freestanding sinks 

Choosing freestanding sinks means having personality and it also means wanting to transfer the style you prefer to your bathroom décor. Whether you are looking for a modern, clean-cut sinks or designer sinks with bolder shapes, Gibeli has selected the best Made in Italy brands of freestanding sinks for you. These are perfect for all your needs and it is to give you the maximum in terms of choice that we have selected unique models and collections. We offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, so you can easily find the one that suits your personal taste of you sanitaryware and bathroom décor. Brands such as Agape, Antonio Lupi, Boffi, Cielo, Falper and Gessi are well-known in the industry. We have selected them because, in addition to aesthetic beauty, they manage to guarantee superior functionality, and when it comes to freestanding sinks this is a detail that does not go unnoticed.  Choosing the best freestanding sinks also involves smooth surfaces and high-quality materials that allow easy daily maintenance. Moreover, their freestanding position makes them a versatile addition to any bathroom, allowing you to make the most of the available space and create an atmosphere of effortless elegance.

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  1. Freestanding washbasin Falper Homey WD5
    Freestanding washbasin Falper Homey WD5
    Special Price €3,545.35 Regular Price €4,171.00
  2. Freestanding washbasin Falper Homey WD4
    Freestanding washbasin Falper Homey WD4
    Special Price €3,545.35 Regular Price €4,171.00
  3. Freestanding washbasin Falper Homey WD3
    Freestanding washbasin Falper Homey WD3
    Special Price €2,133.50 Regular Price €2,510.00
  4. Freestanding washbasin Falper Homey WD2
    Freestanding washbasin Falper Homey WD2
    Special Price €2,133.50 Regular Price €2,510.00
  5. Falper Handmade Freestanding Washbasin WC9
    Falper Handmade Freestanding Washbasin WC9
    Special Price €1,994.95 Regular Price €2,347.00
  6. Falper Handmade Freestanding Washbasin WA9
    Falper Handmade Freestanding Washbasin WA9
    Special Price €1,994.95 Regular Price €2,347.00
  7. Agape Petra ACER092 Lavabo Da Appoggio / A Parete / Freestanding
    Countertop / Wall / Freestanding Washbasin Petra Agape ACER092
    As low as €954.00 Regular Price €1,272.00
  8. Antonio Lupi VORTICE Lavabo Freestanding
  9. Gessi Mimi Total Look 37501 Freestanding Washbasin
  10. Antonio Lupi INTRECCIO Lavabo Freestanding
  11. Antonio Lupi VITREO Lavabo Freestanding
  12. Antonio Lupi AURA Lavabo Freestanding
  13. Antonio Lupi ASTRO Lavabo Freestanding
  14. Freestanding washbasin Gessi Cono Gessi 45907
  15. Antonio Lupi Borghi BORGHIMOOD47 Lavabo Freestanding
  16. Freestanding washbasin Gessi Cono Gessi 45915
  17. Freestanding washbasin Gessi Cono Gessi 45911
  18. Antonio-Lupi-Opale-OPALE11+OPALE21-Lavabo-freestanding
  19. Antonio Lupi Albume ALBUME11+ALBUME21 Lavabo Freestanding
  20. Antonio Lupi Albume ALBUME10+ALBUME21 Lavabo Freestanding
  21. Antonio Lupi Albume ALBUME11+ALBUME20 Lavabo Freestanding
  22. Antonio Lupi Albume ALBUME10+ALBUME20 Lavabo Freestanding
  23. Antonio Lupi Ago AGO185 Lavabo Freestanding
  24. Cielo-Shui-SHFREEP-lavabo-freestanding-con-installazione-a-parete
  25. Antonio Lupi PIXEL Lavabo Freestanding
  26. Antonio Lupi CONTROVERSO Lavabo Freestanding
  27. Antonio-Lupi-RILIEVO-Lavabo-Freestanding
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