Tables are increasingly a real focus in the most important rooms in the home, but also in outdoor spaces. We have created a Gibeli table section that can offer you everything you are looking for for your home and outdoor spaces, dedicating real gems such as Antonio Lupi's table with fireplace, an example of unique design. In addition to their attractive aesthetics, designer tables are designed to fit the functional needs of modern lifestyles. While the practical use of the table must be considered, it is also interesting to think about the flexibility of this element that can adapt to different situations. 

Why choose tables at Gibeli

Gibeli has selected the best brands of Made in Italy design tables for you. This gives you the possibility to choose what you prefer to complete your environments and make them unique. Shapes and sizes come together to give you elements that become distinctive when placed correctly in the centre of a room. The presence of designer tables in a home can convey a sense of character and personality, enriching the overall atmosphere. Thanks to their unique shape and style, they can also create a visual connection with the rest of the furniture elements, creating a coherent and harmonious ambience. This is what makes every home unique.

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