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The Gibeli home furniture section is designed for you who want the best for your home. Design, functionality and the best Made in Italy furniture brands: this is what we have selected for you. If you love a modern and design furniture style you are in the right place. We have thought of everything: chairs, tables, furniture, wall units and even mirrors. It is impossible not to find what you are looking for to complete your home with a unique style - your own. 

How to choose the right designer furniture for your home

Made in Italy furniture stands out for its quality craftsmanship, design and attention to detail. We have selected the brands that work with passion and dedication to create unique and elegant furniture and furnishings. All the pieces of furniture included in the catalogue are made from fine materials, with designer shapes and colours to furnish your home just the way you want it. The furniture section offers a wide choice of styles, from classic and refined lines to contemporary and innovative designs. Furnishing accessories are essential in a home, as they complete it and make it unique with style and personality. You will find tables and chairs from the best Italian brands, so you can choose the combination you prefer. but not only. Lots of furniture, wall units and even mirrors: every piece of furniture is designed to guarantee you the best in terms of originality, quality and comfort. Gibeli thinks of your home at 360° and allows you to choose every single detail, so that you can furnish the home you have always dreamed of with care and attention. 

The best home furnishing brands are on Gibeli

We have chosen for you the furniture collections of the most famous and trendy brands of the moment. You won't be able to resist the temptation of discovering the Gessi and Antonio Lupi furnishings we have included on Gibeli. Everything we have selected is designed for you, to make your home special and made to measure for you and your needs. You will appreciate the craftsmanship of the furniture and tops we have chosen, the chairs and tables: everything speaks of you and your taste. Buying on Gibeli is quick and easy: just a few clicks and you can have everything you have always dreamed of directly to your home. You cannot resist the quality of the furniture and the offers we have designed for you. Your home is your dream and we are here to make it come true for you.

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  1. Shaped Mirror with Polished Edge Menhir Falper DWY
    Shaped Mirror with Polished Edge Menhir Falper DWY
    Special Price €436.05 Regular Price €513.00
  2. Shaped Mirror with Polished Edge Menhir Falper DWX
    Shaped Mirror with Polished Edge Menhir Falper DWX
    Special Price €275.40 Regular Price €324.00
  3. Fantini Fontane Bianche mirror P404C
    Fantini Fontane Bianche mirror P404C
    Special Price €1,108.00 Regular Price €1,385.00
  4. Hafro Geromin Qubo MM3H100A Mobile con Lavabo Integrato
    Hafro Geromin Qubo MM3H100ASH1 Cabinet with Integrated Washbasin
    As low as €496.30 Regular Price €709.00
  5. Hafro Geromin Qubo MM3H100AMI1 Cabinet with Integrated Washbasin
    Hafro Geromin Qubo MM3H100AMI1 Cabinet with Integrated Washbasin
    As low as €496.30 Regular Price €709.00
  6. Antonio Lupi Flash FLASH50W Specchio LED
  7. Antonio Lupi DISTINTO75W Specchio
  8. Antonio Lupi Superluna SUPERLUNA90W Specchio
  9. Antonio Lupi TRATTEGGIO Specchio
  10. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE271 Specchio
  11. Collage Wall Mirror Antonio Lupi COLLAGE252
  12. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE227 Specchio
  13. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE225 Specchio
  14. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE212 Specchio
  15. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE213 Specchio
  16. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE222 Specchio
  17. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE221 Specchio
  18. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE202 Specchio
  19. Specchio a Parete Collage Antonio Lupi COLLAGE219
  20. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE262 Specchio
  21. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE351 Specchio
  22. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE314B Specchio
  23. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE314C Specchio
  24. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE314A Specchio
  25. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE317 Specchio
  26. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE309 Specchio
  27. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE307 Specchio
  28. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE368 Specchio
  29. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE305 Specchio
  30. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE306 Specchio
  31. Antonio Lupi COLLAGE308 Specchio
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