Semi-Inset Tubs

Semi-insert tubs are a versatile and functional design option for the bathroom. These tubs are characterised by a special installation that combines the look of built-in tubs and freestanding tubs. This is a detail that does not go unnoticed. Semi-insert tubs are partially embedded in the floor or wall covering of the bathroom, while the rim remains visible. This combination creates an interesting visual effect, in which the tub seems to float between the floor and its surroundings.

Why choose semi-insert tubs

Gibeli has selected the best Made in Italy semi-insert tubs for you, to give you the chance to perfectly combine the style of this element with your bathroom furnishing. Semi-insert tubs offer you numerous advantages. First of all, they allow you to enjoy the comfort of a traditional tub, with a large soaking area, while integrating a unique design element into your bathroom. They also give you the opportunity to create a customised visual effect and adapt the tub to your style and bathroom décor.

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