The Gibeli urinals section contains a series of proposals designed especially for commercial establishments and public bathrooms. As with all bathroom furniture, our catalogue is full of practical and functional urinals to choose from according to your needs. 

Why choose urinals on Gibeli

How to choose a urinal? It is not always easy to answer this question, partly because it is not a sanitary fixture frequently found in bathrooms, except in public ones. They are devices created to eliminate long waits in public bathrooms but also to make the environment more hygienic and comfortable. In the Gibeli catalogue you will find various shapes and sizes of urinals so you can choose the perfect one for your needs. These are special toilets that are fixed to the walls of the bathroom and are designed to allow for greater comfort and faster times. In addition, urinals reduce water waste. Unlike traditional toilets, they require flushing after each use because they are equipped with an automatic drainage system that saves water. Gibeli has selected Made in Italy urinals, including in the catalogue those by Catalano and Cielo, two brands that have always made quality their strong point.

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  1. GSI Community Suspended Urinal 769511
    GSI Community Suspended Urinal 769511
    As low as €503.40 Regular Price €839.00
  2. GSI Community Suspended Urinal 909811
    GSI Community Suspended Urinal 909811
    As low as €509.40 Regular Price €849.00
  3. Catalano Sfera Comfort 1OR54F00 urinal
  4. Catalano Sfera Comfort urinal 1OR5400
  5. Catalano Sfera Comfort urinal 1BIGBOY00
  6. Cielo-Ball-ORBL-orinatoio-sospeso
  7. Cielo-Orinatoi-ORSL-orinatoio-da-terra-SLOT
  8. Wall-Mounted Urinal Urinals Cielo ORBLM
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