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Remote controls for showers and sinks allow for practical and intuitive control of water flow. They offer a superior level of comfort to ensure pleasant moments of relaxation in your bathroom. These innovative devices allow you to adjust the water temperature, flow, and other functions with a simple gesture. Gibeli has included a wide selection of remote controls for showers and sinks, including models with built-in parts and cone-shaped models, to meet your design and functionality needs.

How to choose remote controls for showers and sinks?

The remote control for the shower is designed to provide you with complete control and extra comfort. You can adjust the water temperature, select different spray modes, control the flow, and much more. This allows you to customize your shower according to your preferences, creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. As for the remote control for the sink, it offers you the convenience of adjusting the water flow and temperature without having to touch the tap. You can precisely control the water delivery, optimizing consumption and ensuring a hygienic and practical experience. Models with cone-shaped remote controls are elegant and discreet, seamlessly integrating into your bathroom design. If you prefer a cleaner and more minimalist look, remote controls with built-in parts are the ideal choice. These devices integrate into the wall or panel of the bathroom, providing a clutter-free user experience. Gibeli offers a wide range of remote controls for showers and sinks from top brands in the industry. You can choose from Made in Italy brands such as Boffi, CEA Design, Fantini, Gessi and Ritmonio, and select your favorite among various design, functionality, and style options

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  1. Fantini Fontane Bianche P495 Miscelatore Monocomando
    Fantini Fontane Bianche Single Lever Mixer P495
    Special Price €316.80 Regular Price €396.00
  2. Cea Design Asta AST22 Comando Remoto, Acqua Fredda
    Cold Water Remote Control Auction CEA AST22
    As low as €399.20 Regular Price €499.00
  3. Gessi Mimi 44614+44673 Miscelatore Doccia + Parte Da Incasso
  4. Gessi Mimi 44612+44655 Miscelatore Doccia + Parte Da Incasso
  5. Gessi Mimi 31210+46112 Miscelatore A Parete Lavabo + Parte Da Incasso
  6. Gessi Cono 45010 Comando Remoto
  7. Gessi Goccia 33700 Comando Remoto
  8. Gessi Rilievo 59047 Comando Remoto Vasca
  9. Gessi Rilievo 59028 Comando Remoto Elettronico Lavabo
    Gessi Rilievo Gessi 59028
    As low as €725.00
  10. Gessi Rettangolo 20005 Comando Remoto Lavabo
  11. Gessi Rettangolo K 53047 Comando Remoto
  12. Gessi Inciso - 58019+44679 Comando Remoto Elettronico + Parte Da Incasso
  13. Gessi Inciso - 58018 Comando Remoto Elettronico
  14. Gessi Inciso - 58200 Comando Remoto
  15. Remote Control Basin 316 Gessi 54405
  16. Remote Control Basin 316 Gessi 54205
  17. Gessi 316 Intreccio 54105 Comando Remoto
  18. Gessi 316 Trame 54020+44679 Comando Remoto Elettronico + Parte Da Incasso
  19. Gessi 316 Trame 54018 Comando Remoto Elettronico
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