3D Effect

3D effect tiles are an innovative solution for adding a touch of originality and depth to your spaces. The peculiarity of these tiles are their three-dimensional reliefs and textures, designed to create a unique and special visual effect. There are those who cannot resist the allure of the 3D effect and this is why Gibeli has created a special section of tiles to be used for 3D effect floors or 3D effect wall tiles.

Gibeli: the innovation of 3D effect tiles 

Using 3D effect tiles can transform a room. You can apply them on a wall to create an eye-catching focus, to give dynamism to floors. These tiles are ideal for various spaces such as the living room, the bedroom, but also for the bathroom and to create a visually stimulating work and study environment. The combination of 3D effect tiles with furniture depends on the style you want to achieve. You can choose furniture and accessories with a minimalist design to emphasise the three-dimensional characteristics of the tiles or classic furniture.

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