Freestanding Sanitaryware

Freestanding sanitaryware, also known as floor-standing WCs and bidets, are a perfect solution for contemporary bathrooms. These sanitary fixtures are characterised by their freestanding design, which distinguishes them from traditional wall-mounted WCs. The Agape, Catalano, Cielo, Gessi and GSI brands that Gibeli has selected for you offer an exceptional selection of freestanding sanitaryware, combining refined aesthetics and superior quality.

Why choose freestanding sanitaryware

Freestanding sanitaryware is distinguished by its innovative design and attention to detail. O brands selected by Gibeli, all Made in Italy sanitary ware brands, combine elegant and clean shapes with high quality materials, creating pieces of furniture with a distinctive character. Sophisticated design and impeccable finishes give your bathroom a unique look, in the name of that personality that characterises your entire home and speaks of you. We have chosen different models of floor-standing WCs, all of which are beautiful to look at and perfect for every type of bathroom. Different models, materials, shapes to suit your idea of a bathroom. At Gibeli you will find everything you need to decorate your room as you like, without giving up the quality of the best Made in Italy freestanding WC brands. You will also find one-piece WCs, if you wish to opt for this type of solution. Our selection also includes floor-standing bidets, which are both comfortable and beautiful to look at. You can also select pairs of floor-standing sanitaryware, choosing bidets and WCs from the same line. Your bathroom deserves only the best and Gibeli has carefully selected models and brands to give you a unique shopping experience.

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  1. GSI Classic Monobloc WC 871711
    GSI Classic Monobloc WC 871711
    Special Price €318.00 Regular Price €530.00
  2. Wc da Terra Catalano Italy 1VPECORIT00
  3. Floor standing toilet Catalano Zero 1VP4500
  4. Catalano Zero Monoblock Toilet 1MPZN00
  5. Close coupled toilet Catalano Sfera 1MPSFR00
  6. Free standing bidet Catalano Italy 1BIECOIT00
  7. GSI Ceramica Kube X 941011+9462111 WC + Bidet A Terra
    Kube GSI 941011+9462111 ceramic floor sanitary ware

    From €217.20

    To €570.60

    Regular Price €362.00 Regular Price €951.00
  8. GSI Ceramica Kube X 941611+9464111 WC + Bidet A Parete
    Suspended sanitary ware Ceramic Kube GSI 941611+9464111

    From €235.20

    To €598.20

    Regular Price €392.00 Regular Price €997.00
  9. GSI Ceramica Kube X 941511+9465111 WC + Bidet A Parete
    Suspended sanitary ware Ceramic Kube GSI 941511+9465111

    From €246.00

    To €649.20

    Regular Price €410.00 Regular Price €1,082.00
  10. GSI Ceramica Nubes 961011+9662111 WC + Bidet A Terra
    Nubes Ceramic Floor Sanitaryware GSI 961011+9662111

    From €234.60

    To €580.80

    Regular Price €391.00 Regular Price €968.00
  11. Gessi Rettangolo Total Look 37573 WC Sospeso
  12. Gessi Anello 39113+39115 WC + Bidet Sospesi
  13. Cielo-Shui-Comfort-SHCOBI-bidet-a-terra
  14. Cielo-LEGIARE-LGVA+LGBI-coppia-di-sanitari-a-terra
  15. Cielo-LEGIARE-LGVS+LGBS-sanitari-sospesi-wc-bidet
  16. Cielo-Fluid-FLVM-FLCM-wc-a-terra
  17. Agape 750 ACER0750WRRS+ACER0750BSR Sanitari Sospesi
    Suspended sanitary ware 750 Agape ACER0750WRRS+ACER0750BSR
    As low as €1,626.75 Regular Price €2,169.00
  18. Agape Pear 2 ACER0897W+ACER0897B Sanitari Sospesi
    Pear Agape Suspended Sanitaryware ACER0897W+ACER0897B
    As low as €1,388.25 Regular Price €1,851.00
  19. Agape Pear ACER0895WRR+ACER0895BR Sanitari Sospesi
    Pear Agape Suspended Sanitary Ware ACER0895WRR+ACER0895BR
    As low as €1,677.75 Regular Price €2,237.00
  20. Agape Memory ACER0898W+ACER0898B Sanitari A Terra
    Memory Agape Floor Sanitary Ware ACER0898W+ACER0898B
    As low as €1,794.75 Regular Price €2,393.00
  21. Cielo-Smile-SMVASR-SMBIDR-WC-bidet-a-terra-MINI
  22. Cielo-Smile-SMVAS-SMBID-wc-bidet-a-terra
  23. Cielo SMILE SMVSR+SMBSR sanitari sospesi MINI
  24. Cielo-Fluid-FLBI-bidet-a-terra
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