Semi-Recessed Sinks

Semi-insert sinks are a versatile and functional design solution for the bathroom. These basins are characterised by their partial installation inside a countertop or cabinet, leaving only the upper half visible. Thanks to their combination of practicality and aesthetics, semi-insert sinks are among the most popular choices when it comes to bathroom furniture.

Why choose semi-insert sinks

Semi-insert sinks are known for their ability to optimise space. The lower part of the sink is recessed, while the upper part remains clearly visible and accessible. This saves space, making semi-insert sinks ideal for smaller bathrooms or for those who want a clean and uncluttered lookIn addition, the top of the basin provides a practical storage area for various objects including personal hygiene items. Gibeli has selected the best semi-insert sinks for your bathroom, offering you a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials, allowing you to customise the look of your bathroom to suit your aesthetic preferences. You can find semi-insert sinks in ceramic and other materials, each with its own unique characteristics. This versatility gives you the opportunity to create a harmonious design that suits your furnishing style. In Gibeli's selection of semi-insert sinks you will find Made in Italy brands such as Agape, Catalano, Cielo and GSI. Choosing these semi-insert sinks at the best price allows you to furnish your bathroom as you have always dreamed.

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  1. Semi-recessed washbasin Catalano Zero 1LS55ZP00
    Semi-recessed washbasin Catalano Zero 1LS55ZP00
    Special Price €336.05 Regular Price €517.00
  2. Countertop/Semi-recessed washbasin Catalano Canova Royal 160ACV00
    Countertop/Semi-recessed washbasin Catalano Canova Royal 160ACV00
    Special Price €292.50 Regular Price €450.00
  3. Semi-recessed washbasin Catalano Zero 16037VE00
    Semi-recessed washbasin Catalano Zero 16037VE00
    Special Price €230.75 Regular Price €355.00
  4. Semi-recessed washbasin Catalano Zero 15037VEN00
    Semi-recessed washbasin Catalano Zero 15037VEN00
    Special Price €219.70 Regular Price €338.00
  5. Catalano Zero 125 1125ZEUP00 Lavabo Appoggio/Sospeso/Semincasso
    Countertop/Wall-hung/Semi-recessed washbasin Catalano Zero 1125ZEUP00
    Special Price €650.65 Regular Price €1,001.00
  6. GSI Ceramica Kube X 9434111 Lavabo a Semincasso
    Semi-recessed washbasin Ceramica Kube GSI 9434111
    Special Price €155.40 Regular Price €259.00
  7. Cielo-Enjoy-EJLASIQ-lavabo-semi-incasso-quadrato
  8. Cielo-Enjoy-EJLASIT-lavabo-semi-incasso-tondo
  9. Agape-Spoon-XL-ACER0713IZ-Lavabo-semincasso
    Semi-recessed washbasin Spoon Agape ACER0713IZ
    Special Price €1,104.75 Regular Price €1,473.00
  10. Agape Spoon ACER0700IZ Lavabo A Semincasso
    Semi-recessed washbasin Spoon Agape ACER0700IZ
    Special Price €1,041.00 Regular Price €1,388.00
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