Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs are a true joker of modern bathroom furniture. Gibeli has selected models and collections that combine aesthetics, functionality and timeless elegance to transform your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and well-being.

Why choose freestanding tubs at Gibeli

Today freestanding tubs are present in all modern bathrooms and their main feature makes them unique. They can be installed without being recessed and without being integrated into an existing structure. This freedom of positioning allows you to create a unique ambience that reflects your personal style. Gibeli has selected freestanding tubs made from the highest quality materials to ensure durability, strength and ease of maintenance. Gibeli's freestanding tubs section includes a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from clean and minimalist lines to curved and sinuous shapes, so you can find the perfect tub to suit your needs and tastes. Freestanding tubs also offer an extraordinary bathing experience and the generous dimensions allow you to fully immerse yourself and enjoy a moment of pure relaxation. We have selected for you the best freestanding bathtubs and also perfect outdoor freestanding tubs. All the brands in our catalogue have been carefully chosen. Select the model you prefer from the Agape, Antonio Lupi, Boffi, Cielo, Falper, Gessi, GSI, Hafro Geromin collections and furnish your bathroom with the best products on the market at the most convenient price.

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  1. Freestanding bathtub Falper Quattro.Zero WQ0
    Freestanding bathtub Falper Quattro.Zero WQ0
    Special Price €4,471.85 Regular Price €5,261.00
  2. Falper Homey WD8 Vasca Freestanding
    Freestanding bathtub Falper Homey WD8
    Special Price €8,070.75 Regular Price €9,495.00
  3. Freestanding bathtub Falper Homey WD7
    Freestanding bathtub Falper Homey WD7
    Special Price €5,322.70 Regular Price €6,262.00
  4. Agape Dr AVAS1091E Vasca Da Bagno Freestanding Outdoor
    Freestanding Outdoor Bathtub DR Agape AVAS1091E
    As low as €8,712.00 Regular Price €11,616.00
  5. Agape Cartesio AVAS0980 Vasca Da Bagno
    Freestanding Bathtub Cartesio Agape AVAS0980
    As low as €7,170.75 Regular Price €9,561.00
  6. GSI Ceramica Nubes VASAND90 Vasca Da Bagno
    Freestanding Bathtub Ceramica Nubes GSI VASAND90
    Special Price €2,096.40 Regular Price €3,494.00
  7. Antonio Lupi BAìA Stone Vasca Da Bagno
  8. Gessi Eleganza Total Look 46715 Vasca Freestanding
  9. Antonio Lupi Borghi BORGHI180 Vasca Da Bagno Freestanding
  10. Freestanding Bathtub Gessi Cono Gessi 45925
  11. Gessi Rettangolo Total Look 37591 Vasca Da Bagno
  12. Freestanding Bathtub Rettangolo Gessi 37594
  13. Hafro Old Time 2OLA1N2 Vasca Da Bagno
    Freestanding Bathtub Old Time Hafro Geromin 2OLA1N2
    As low as €2,256.10 Regular Price €3,223.00
  14. Hafro Move Rettangolare 2TRA1N0 Vasca Da Bagno
    Move Freestanding Bathtub Hafro Geromin 2TRA1N0
    Special Price €3,556.00 Regular Price €5,080.00
  15. Hafro Move Ovale 2TOA2N0 Vasca Da Bagno
    Move Freestanding Bathtub Hafro Geromin 2TOA2N0
    As low as €3,024.70 Regular Price €4,321.00
  16. Antonio Lupi MASTELLO Vasca Da Bagno Freestanding
    Bathtub Antonio Lupi TUB
    As low as €6,290.00
  17. Cielo-Arcadia-CIBELEL-vasca-da-bagno-in-LivingTec
  18. Arcadia Cielo Freestanding Bathtub DABAT
  19. Freestanding Bathtub Arcadia Cielo FEBAT
  20. Antonio Lupi Eclipse ECLIPSESTONE Vasca Da Bagno
  21. Antonio Lupi Eclipse Small ECLIPSES Vasca Da Bagno
  22. Antonio Lupi Reflex REFLEXMOOD Vasca Da Bagno Freestanding
  23. BoffiF-isher-Island-QAFISX02-Vasca-Monoblocco
  24. Boffi-Sabbia-QAYISR01-Vasca-monoblocco
  25. Boffi-Iceland-QAIISR01-Vasca-Monoblocco
  26. Boffi-Tevere-QAVISP01-Vasca-monoblocco
  27. Antonio Lupi Ago AGO4 Vasca da Bagno
    Bathtub Ago Antonio Lupi AGO4
    As low as €6,438.00
  28. Antonio Lupi Biblio BIBLIO103 Vasca Da Bagno
  29. Antonio Lupi SOLIDEA SOLIDEA190 Vasca Da Bagno
  30. Antonio Lupi Biblio BIBLIO42 Vasca Da Bagno
  31. Antonio Lupi Biblio BIBLIO70 Vasca Da Bagno
  32. Antonio Lupi Dune DUNE2 Vasca Da Bagno
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