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Antonio Lupi is a leading brand in the luxury bathroom furniture sector, known for its innovative vision and sophisticated design. The brand, completely Made in Italy, is a symbol of refinement and attention to detail, bringing elegance into everyday life through functional creations with an unmistakable design. The history of Antonio Lupi began in the 1930s as a small family business active in the production of crystal and furnishing glass. It was not until the 1980s that the brand began producing bathroom furniture and today exports Made in Italy products all over the world. Since then, the brand has continued to grow, gaining recognition and respect worldwide. Its passion for innovation, combined with a solid commitment to quality and sustainability, has made Antonio Lupi a driving force in the luxury bathroom furniture industry. The brand is recognised for being synonymous with refined and innovative design. With a wide range of products from baths and washbasins to taps and accessories, each piece is designed with a careful balance between functionality and aesthetics. High-quality materials combined with unique design create a luxurious experience that transforms the bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and well-being. Choosing an Antonio Lupi product means choosing a piece of Italian craftsmanship, a product that expresses the best of Made in Italy design and innovation.

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  1. Antonio Lupi Flash FLASH50W Specchio LED
  2. Antonio Lupi Indigo_Rack ND301RK Miscelatore Monocomando Lavabo
  3. Antonio Lupi Indigo_Rack ND400RK Miscelatore Monocomando Bidet
  4. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND301GR Miscelatore Monocomando Lavabo
  5. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND301SA Miscelatore Monocomando Lavabo
  6. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND301FBO Miscelatore Monocomando Lavabo
  7. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND301FNO Miscelatore Monocomando Lavabo
  8. Antonio Lupi Indigo Basin Mixer ND301OS
  9. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND400GR Miscelatore Monocomando Bidet
  10. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND400SA Miscelatore Monocomando Bidet
  11. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND602+ND602IN Deviatore a 2 Vie + Corpo Da Incasso
  12. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND400FBO Miscelatore Monocomando Bidet
  13. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND400FNO Miscelatore Monocomando Bidet
  14. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND604 Miscelatore Termostatico Doccia
  15. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND400OS Miscelatore Monocomando Bidet
  16. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND400LU Miscelatore Monocomando Bidet
  17. Antonio Lupi Indigo Bidet Mixer ND400_1
  18. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND906 Rubinetto Vasca Freestanding
  19. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND905 Rubinetto Freestanding Lavabo
  20. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND920 Rubinetto A Parete Lavabo
  21. Antonio Lupi Indigo ND304 Miscelatore Monocomando Lavabo
  22. Antonio Lupi TANKD Deviatore 5 Vie A Parete
  23. Antonio Lupi TANK Miscelatore Monocomando A Parete
  24. Antonio Lupi TAG Soffione Doccia Laterale
  25. Antonio Lupi CARTATENSO Porta Rotolo e Idroscopino
  26. Antonio Lupi TENSO Idroscopino
  27. Antonio Lupi Rigati Countertop Washbasin RIGATI60
  28. Antonio Lupi Rigati RIGATI45 Lavabo Da Appoggio
  29. Antonio Lupi CANALE Lavabo A Parete
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