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Made in Italy

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Gessi Goccia Gessi 33753 Ceiling Shower Head

Technical Details

  • Height: 48,3-218,3 cm
  • Diameter: 15,2 cm
  • Installation: Ceiling Mounted
  • Material: Brass
  • Shape: Round
As low as €1,376.00
Gessi Goccia Gessi 33753 Ceiling Shower Head , designed by Prospero Rasulo suitable for any shower environment. The article measures 48,3-218,3 cm in height and 15,2 cm in diameter.

Showerheads in Brass of Round shape.

Arm length is customizable.

The Gessi company aims to achieve the consumer’s aspirations of style and personalization in their most private spaces – both through the aesthetics of the products and the advanced functions incorporated in them. In fact, the Gessi family intends not to offer products but experiences. The inspiring idea of the foundation is to revolutionize the vision of functional spaces in the home such as the kitchen, a place for preparing food, and the bathroom, a place for hygiene, to transform them into central places in the home, also from an aesthetic point of view.
More Information
Brand Gessi
Collection Gessi Goccia
Designer Prospero Rasulo
Shape Round
Delivery 4-5 working weeks
Material Brass
Scheda tecnica

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