Bidueffe was established in Lugo di Romagna and represents excellence in the ceramic tile sector. The brand was born thanks to the union of three generations of traders and the experience of the Faccani family, active in the area since 1929. Added to this is the knowledge of the sector that has made Bidueffe one of the most important realities in the field of Italian and foreign ceramic companies. The company's mission is that of a continuous search for high quality products, with the aim of offering the market solutions at absolutely competitive prices. The aim is to make luxury accessible to all, always guaranteeing the highest quality and impeccable service. Each Bidueffe tile collection is the result of meticulous aesthetic research combined with a relentless commitment to innovation. This allows for the creation of unique spaces, each with a distinctive style and impeccable design. Bidueffe tiles are suitable for any environment, whether it is a modern bathroom, a kitchen with a rustic feel, or an elegant living room. Each installation lends a touch of sophistication and personality to the space.

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  1. Bidueffe Eagle Piastrelle 60x25
  2. Bidueffe Desire Piastrelle 60x25
  3. Bidueffe Atlanta White BAW6025 Piastrelle 60x25
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