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Gibeli has selected a wide range of Cristina Rubinetterie products for the bathroom and kitchen. An Italian company active since 1949 in the production of taps and fittings and accessories for the bathroom and kitchen, Cristina Rubinetterie is recognised as one of the best known in the sector. Many high-quality products have been designed to enrich bathrooms and kitchens with unique details and a design that is both distinctive and functional at the same time. Since the 1990s, the brand has collaborated with some of the best Italian and international designers, creating designer tap collections. The catalogue includes a wide variety of products, including single-lever mixer taps and bathtub sets. Bathroom and kitchen taps are essential components of the furniture and Gibeli selected Cristina Rubinetterie for its quality. The brand's production process is all carried out in-house and this allows the originality of Made in Italy to be preserved.

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  1. Cristina Rubinetterie Diario CRIDI200 Miscelatore Monocomando Lavabo
    Single Lever Basin Mixer Cristina Rubinetterie Diario CRIDI200
    Special Price €330.12 Regular Price €471.60
  2. Cristina Rubinetterie Bollicine CRIBO689 Miscelatore Doccia/Vasca + Parte Incasso
  3. Cristina Rubinetterie Bollicine CRIBO484 Bocca Di Erogazione
    Spout Cristina Rubinetterie Bollicine CRIBO484
    Special Price €222.18 Regular Price €317.40
  4. Cristina Rubinetterie Bollicine CRIBO190 Set Vasca + Parte Incasso
    Bathtub Set + Built-in Part Cristina Rubinetterie Bollicine CRIBO190
    Special Price €1,844.85 Regular Price €2,635.50
  5. Cristina Rubinetterie Bollicine CRIBO121 Set Bordo Vasca
    Bathtub Set Cristina Rubinetterie Bollicine CRIBO126
    Special Price €842.73 Regular Price €1,203.90
  6. Cristina Rubinetterie Bollicine CRIBO121Set Bordo Vasca Monocomando
    Single Lever Bathtub Set Cristina Rubinetterie Bollicine CRIBO121
    Special Price €638.33 Regular Price €911.90
  7. Bath Set Cristina Rubinetterie Bollicine CRIBO113
    Bath Set Cristina Rubinetterie Bollicine CRIBO113
    Special Price €1,265.81 Regular Price €1,808.30
  8. Cristina Rubinetterie Bollicine CRIBO111 Set Vasca 3 Fori
    Bath Set Cristina Rubinetterie Bollicine CRIBO111
    Special Price €899.29 Regular Price €1,284.70
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